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There’s a website for everything, right? But if you’re not exactly a seasoned pro at searching out free and cheap downloads, you may want to consider checking out some of the best free sites out there. If you’re looking for images, you could always look at Google Images. But if you just want some quick and convenient to-do list items, fitness tips, or DIY projects, you should check out What Goes Up. The site is constantly updating all the latest on-demand items that have been uploaded to the site. Each day, there’s dozens of items for you to download or edit.

Let’s look at some of the most popular downloads that have been added recently.

What Goes Up

What Goes Up — Once upon a time, coffee was expensive. Over the years, small roasters began to crop up, providing locally roasted coffee in giant containers. Now, coffee lovers can have a specialty cup of the caffeinated goodness at home — so long as they have access to what What Goes Up has to offer.

Snapchat Microphone

Your mother probably begged you to set up your home recording studio years ago, but you need not have waited that long to get started. One of the coolest applications on the way is Snapchat Microphone. Simply record a voice note over your selfie, turn it into a SoundCloud audio file, and upload it to the website. What Goes Up will instantly convert the voice to sound, which is then uploaded to a web app. If you’ve set up a Web amp for your phone, you can then record in there.

Logitech Frio

Everyone’s got their need for speed. If you need more of it, or just want to recreate your college days going, this is a good place to start. Logitech Frio comes in 12 models, with the higher-end Frio Mini being the cheapest option.

SkyFall Hunter

If you’re a tinkerer, this item probably means something to you. It’s a survival kit that features a flashlight, digital compass, tarp, three-day supply of drinking water, and cooking apparatus like a dumpling pan and a fire starter kit.

Fenton Schematic 1

Ever need a sheet of paper to draw and study for an exam or new assignment? No problem. Fenton’s Schematic 1 is light, space-saving, and can also serve as a poster for your dorm room or bedroom.

Pick Snaps

If you want a quick and easy way to save notes on the go, look no further than Pick Snaps. Just take a photo of a tag, and it’ll pull up a digital or printed transcription of that text. There’s more information about Pick Snaps on the company’s website.


If you’re looking for a service that’s clean and reliable, then iTunes is the place to go. Whether you’re listening to, watching, or creating an album, iTunes can have you where you need to be without wasting time finding out which song is right for you.

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