World’s most spectacular views captured by news magazine Travel Week

Written by Eileen Soreng, CNN

When photographer Jacob Frydman set out to photograph spectacular views in Costa Rica , he didn’t think anything about picking up a camera to create his imagery.

However, he realized that several other participants in a hike in the Culebra Mountains northeast of San Jose picked up their mobile phones to take pictures as well.

“It was pretty important to have technology for us because we are pushing ourselves to go places and do some of the most difficult physical work,” Frydman explains.

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A favorite side-view shot featured above was captured by Juan Corona, who was traveling with a friend and also saw the same photo emerge as a standout.

He later emailed Frydman with the above photo.

“(Juan) said it was probably my most exciting shot of the whole expedition,” says Frydman.

Frydman says that not everyone has access to smartphones, which he hopes the photo illustrated.

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“I wanted to include people who weren’t necessarily backpackers to use their smartphones so I tried to be inclusive in the context of the most challenging work,” he says.

Travel photographer Jacob Frydman snapped this behind-the-scenes shot of a private jet arrival at Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in Sonora, Mexico. Credit: Courtesy Jacob Frydman

Each of the 10 countries photographed in our Travel Week featured photographs showcasing views to cherish — whether their unique architecture, breathtaking landscapes or the harmonious relationships between people and planet.


Whether it’s Hawaii’s boat ride across the Waikiki canyon or Greece’s gourmet catered food, the photos showcased this week have something for everyone.

“Our most exciting destinations this year include the quintessential Bali in Indonesia, vibrant Caribbean cities like Jamaica and Cuba, the coast of Nicaragua, and the rugged north coast of Iceland,” says Alexandra Webber, news editor for the magazine.

“The other places include Iceland, Saint-Tropez and China and equally stunning summery destinations like Italy and Finland.”

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This week’s Travel Week evokes some of the best — and most stunning — views. Courtesy Kateryna Nemirovska/Pentagram

In January 2016, Benedikt Fischer became the first Danish tourist to walk on the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Now Fischer is known worldwide as the “Matterhorn guy” and he visited Travel Week from the top of that mountain.

Around the globe, photojournalist Pieter Perwinsky captured this year’s top 10 with a poignant sense of beauty and importance. He traveled to Zambia to photograph his own community, the Dikonti village, sharing images of his experience in a neighborhood that many people wanted to leave.

“The sun was setting over Funga when I looked over the forest, the clouds were breaking apart and it was as if all around me the whole region was flying into the ocean,” says Perwinsky.

“It was breathtaking to have this moment of silence, to see a fragment of life vanishing.”


The world’s highest airport began serving passengers this year. Credit: Courtesy Ante Averson/Sais Malek/Somagazine/Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images AsiaPac/Getty Images

This week: the world’s highest airport served passengers in November — at 2,864 meters above sea level in Changsha, China.

Meanwhile, in its October edition, Travel Week also featured some underwater photography of oceans at their most astonishing.

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