World’s best bars: Qatar, Bangkok and Las Vegas on the list

Image copyright Neat Universal Image caption Wine bars from around the world put together a list

If you’re looking for some top spots to sip a drink or couple of beers when you’re in Vegas, Qatar, or Bangkok next year, then please welcome this new list of the best bars worldwide.

Neck and neck with Singapore’s famed Wachovia, two of the names in the list are scented bars – one in Paris, France, and the other in Seoul, South Korea.

Navy & Timber on Paris’ Champs-Elysées is a speakeasy-style bar that smells of rye and dry-aged whiskey and serves unique appetisers like fruit-filled croissants. It will be joined by the Spice & Wine on the main strip of the South Korean capital, with flavours of India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

A number of high-end bars – like the Petit Architecturie of Dubai, the Hotel Fouquet’s in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and the Wall in Kuala Lumpur – were also included on the list.

Although Chicago’s Shaw’s Crab House, serving classic northern Atlantic-style seafood, ranks highest on the list, some bars have slightly unusual names. The 113-year-old luxury chocolate bar in Buffalo, New York, boasts that it has been chosen “because the confection brings life to a forgotten part of our nation’s soul”.

Singapore’s One&Only Beach Resort was created with one former marine engineering shop and a former powder room upstairs.

One&Only Hotels and Resorts, Miami Image caption The staff at One&Only’s Miami Beach club

Full details of Neat Universal’s list, presented to the World Travel Awards, were revealed on Thursday.

Image copyright Neat Universal Image caption A cocktail at the Palm Point South hotel in Seoul, South Korea

For the first time in 2019, the awards have been restricted to bars, because a previous exclusivity clause, which allowed hotels or hotels rooms to be used for the awards, has now been dropped.

This year, The Honours Hotel in St Petersburg, Russia, won its first “World Hotel” title in any category at the World Travel Awards.

Image copyright Neat Universal Image caption The Union Esprit Ritz-Carlton in Dubai’s Downtown Mall

Since its founding in 1963, the “world’s tourism industry’s highest honours” have recognised the hotel and tourism industries around the world.

Award categories include “World Leading Retail,” “World Leading Destination”, “World Leading Airline” and “World Leading Cruises”.

In 2019, awards will also be presented in the tourism sector, such as “World Leading City Escapes”, “World Leading Puma” and “World Leading eSports”

Image copyright World Travel Awards Image caption Imperial Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan, was named a “World Leading Hotel” by the World Travel Awards

“Our customers had pushed us to do something really different, to shake up the awards industry in general, because it is quite static,” World Travel Awards director Karen Barstow told the BBC World Service.

“We decided to define the award in a new way and really capture where the travel and tourism industry is going and have a completely different tone and feel to it,” she added.

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