Women in medicine make 80% less than men

Written by Azza Seif, CNN

A woman doctors makes 2.1 times less than a man in her profession, according to new statistics from the New York Times. That’s just one figure in a wide-ranging report that focuses on the wage gap, high-profile incidents of sexual harassment and how other successful women fight back.

“Women make up nearly 50% of US doctors and nearly 30% of all US college graduates, but earn less than half of what men earn in most professions,” the report says. “When the wage gap for women in medicine is factored in with the gap for women in other fields, women in medicine make as little as 60% of what men earn.”

Only 7% of health care employers require women to perform as many years of hospital nursing as men, the Times reports, citing research. Women who work in hospitals and clinics are more likely to make less money, the report says.

According to the Times, women surgeons make $1.5 million less a year than their male colleagues. And female anesthesiologists make 85% less than their male counterparts.

More than 300 nonprofit leaders across the United States have committed to speaking up about the wage gap, the Times says. The organizations are working toward creating a “culture of transparency and opportunity,” the Times says.

Read on to learn more about how other successful women are tackling this problem.

Shonda Rhimes

She’s developed hit television shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” and earned $60 million in 2017, according to Vanity Fair . When she went on a Twitter spree this week, in which she posted a list of names of female writers in her company, fans took notice and shamed her for being too cozy with a male network president. She responded by explaining that “as a woman who works at a major studio,” it’s no big secret that she and the president “have this conversation all the time” (and the showrunner turned over most of her power to female producers).

She’s married to a fellow producer and is mother to one child. She told her staff that “making a decision to have children takes more time than working,” according to the Times. “You have to choose.”

Sheryl Sandberg

The Facebook chief operating officer wrote a best-selling book, “Lean In,” about women in the workplace. She also co-founded LeanIn.org, which helps women create career plans and leaders, as well as to find mentors and influential people.

According to Sandberg, women in Silicon Valley make 79% of what men make, and as much as 96% of what men make in Hollywood.

“If you are at a partner level, you can make more than [Katharine] Weymouth, the former publisher of The Washington Post,” Sandberg says, referring to a woman who sold the company for $250 million earlier this year.

Rosie O’Donnell

She’s star in the comedy, “My Life as a Couric,” and made headlines this week when she launched a scathing Twitter attack on Bill Maher. O’Donnell had called the comedian a bigot in a tweet , which got the comedian in hot water.

O’Donnell, who is a practicing therapist, has a history of speaking out about the problems she sees in society and in the healthcare industry, including in her social media feed.

“Many doctors seem to expect their patients to believe their staffs aren’t just educated and talented, but also belong to exclusive fraternities where they are clubbed in the toes and conked on the head and actually feel pain as a result,” she tweeted.

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