Unplugged with Kanye West and the rest of the big screen’s black latex stars

Film from October 8 1968

Take a look back at moments from Kanye’s MTV Unplugged set. Kanye and Drake wore all black, with Kanye topping off his look with a denim cap hat.

Kanye West in his Unplugged performance. Photograph: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds, Making a Murderer season one

#JusticeForStevenUploaded, 2016

Ryan Reynolds adopts the look of another defendant in Making a Murderer, Brendan Dassey.

Ryan Reynolds wears Neil Young’s Look at the Camera ensemble in the Making a Murderer trailer. Photograph: Netflix

Neal DeGrasse Tyson, StarTalk season three

StarTalk: season one. Photograph: Appearances unknown.

Special Edition of StarTalk: season two

StarTalk. Photograph: © 2016 Showtime. All rights reserved.

Dorothy Lyman, Fast-Forward feature

Dorothy, the homophobe, in Fast-Forward. Photograph: Courtesy of Moviestore

More from Fast-Forward with Dorothy:

Kanye West, in Chicago, won the Pulitzer. Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

William Shatner, in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues season 1

William Shatner wears a jacket from Anna Sui. Photograph: Harris/EPA

Fox News’ most-watched TV host Bill O’Reilly, in the 2016 election. Photograph: Bloomberg/via Getty Images

Edward Norton, in The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, series 1

Edward Norton in The Jinx. Photograph: HBO

Other celebrities in the series wore items from Zara.

Bill Cosby in Bruce Tyler’s Guilty. Photograph: FilmMagic

Bill Cosby in Bruce Tyler’s Guilty. Photograph: eFPress.co.uk

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