UC Berkeley students allege sexual assault at summer camps

UC Berkeley students allege sexual assault at summer camps

Hazing ‘traditions’ and sexual assault plagued UCLA summer camp job, students say on campus

The alleged incidents of hazing and sexual assault were so widespread that a counselor was forced to resign and a former instructor pleaded guilty to charges of providing alcohol to minors.

UC Berkeley: ‘Lies, damned lies, and videotape’

Hazing and sexual assault in summer camps are a widespread problem at UCLA and throughout California. But, one counselor contends the university did little to fix a problem they call a “culture of fear” on its campus.

As part of their investigative report, ABC 7 obtained police reports and affidavits of students who allege that hazing and sexual assault were rife in their summer school programs. The affidavits, which included some of the accusers, provided detailed accounts of hazing and sexual assault.

The affidavits describe incidents ranging from the use of racial slurs and hazing to rape and masturbation.

“The police called me numerous times, all the time. And they came to my home. It is a lie that they didn’t come to my home,” said victim R.S., a junior who alleged she was raped and forced to give fellatio to her peers.

R.S. declined to comment on a police video that shows her being forced to give fellatio.

Campers, staff members and a professor at R.S.’s summer school program allege that counselors were told they were “faggot,” “fucking queer” and the names of “trash” and “fucking assholes” as they went through physical tasks such as cleaning up vomit or cleaning other students of their belongings.

UC: Girls raped by camp counselor ‘in a room full of mirrors’

‘You have to learn to protect yourself,’ says UC Berkeley professor who was allegedly raped on campus

Several of the student affidavits described incidents that took place in group-activities, where students were asked questions about the sexual orientation of fellow campers.

One student alleged that the campers would often ask them about their sex lives during meetings. R.S. said one man asked if he could touch her.

Another student affidavit said the campers would force him to give oral sex to students and make him perform fellatio on another camper.

R.S. said she would try to fight but was forced to do what they wanted.

Campers were also reportedly forced to

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