Tornadoes killed 3 in central Oklahoma, causing 13-foot-wide hole in roof, injuring 4

The National Weather Service says tornadoes injured three people and destroyed 14 homes in central Oklahoma early Sunday.

Authorities said the storm struck the town of Stroud just after 3 a.m. and quickly destroyed the three-story Birchton Apartments, which were converted into apartments about 18 months ago. Authorities said the tornado damaged 60 to 80 homes in Stroud and nearby Townsend. The terrain in and around Stroud is rugged, leaving trees in areas that are normally untouched or untouched largely intact.

The tornado also damaged power lines and other utility infrastructure.

Stroud Police Chief Larry Walker says three people suffered injuries they described as “minor to moderate.” He says the cleanup will start Monday.

Police in Stroud and Townsend put up a “detour” sign on Highway 85, because the southbound lanes of the highway were blocked by downed power lines.

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