Tom Sturridge: “It was a great way to get some free press”

Tom Sturridge: “It was a great way to get some free press”

How filming naked in a glass sphere for weeks was good for ‘Sandman’s’ Tom Sturridge’s body The actor admitted he was “a bit squeamish” about nudity at first

Tom Sturridge had some trepidation about getting naked for his role as The Sandman in a special edition of “The Walking Dead” in 2007.

So, in the first few days of filming, he “was quite nervous.”

“But I got used to it,” the actor told Yahoo.

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“It was a great way to get some free press and just get really good reactions from everybody – people who really like horror,” he explained. “Once I started seeing it it was much less nervous. And I was able to talk about it then.”

The actor, who starred in the original “Walking Dead” in 2005, explained he became increasingly comfortable with his nudity in the show’s spinoff, “The Walking Dead,” in 2010.

“I love the costumes – the guys did an amazing job with the costumes,” he said. “Because I liked getting under the plastic they had me wearing a lot of armor – it was pretty much the same as the armor you see on the zombies. I was glad I hadn’t used any of that. People said I looked cool and cool is not a word used to describe some characters.”

Sturridge’s character, who is one of the show’s main character, is seen for the first time at the end of Season 2.

The actor told Yahoo he didn’t like the way Rick Grimes’s character would be described at the beginning of Season 3 because there’s more to the zombie apocalypse than gore.

“I liked it at first, but the more you see of things, the more you realize, Oh my God, those guys are crazy — they’re not acting,” he said. “I think when you know exactly what is going on, there just isn’t any kind of mystery.”

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Sturridge said he didn’t consider having his character killed at the end of Season 3 and was excited to see his character at the end of Season 4.

“I wasn’t expecting the show to end with

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