This study promises to help patients with rare types of cancer

A major nationwide study funded by federal dollars is promising to find better treatment for rare forms of cancer, but results have been slow in coming out.

“ELife is an organization funded by the National Institutes of Health, and the hope is to understand which patients are most likely to benefit from their care,” Keri Hart in a study for NBC News.

ELife-funded scientists are on the search for better cancer treatment through treatment experiments on rats in a California lab.

The rats, raised like children, are bred to undergo treatments and undergo changes to see if that will extend their lives. So far, the scientists have produced positive results in animal experiments. But the research they’re currently conducting isn’t being accepted into journals, or published.

“Because of the delay in publication, and also the lack of information from these animals during this waiting time, it’s hard to know how far these experiments will go in terms of translational research,” Keri Hart, study author, told NBC News.

The problem for researchers in this field is a separate one for the FDA. According to FDA, the longer a study is reviewed, the fewer patients with the study will benefit from it.

The good news is that unlike in big trials, most studies in rats take only a few weeks and can be run quickly.

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