This old man (I think): Why I keep rushing for the bar

Guess who? (Or, who?)

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Vice President Joe Biden, who was actually very sweet and funny and a joy to talk to, even if most of the questions I had for him involved his other job as vice president and his upcoming presidential campaign.

Why did he pick up a toy duck?

He insisted that it had to do with his own childhood temper tantrums, so he was worried that he would end up on a duck until he found one that looked like the green one.

Forgot to tell you: he had them in most colors.

Did he and his family (long-time White House liaison Jill Biden) ever worry about him getting old?

Not only did his family worry, they asked if they could be named as a reference point when he hit 75 years old.

Can he stand the heat?

He enjoyed the air conditioning.

Do you think you’re that cool, Dan Quayle?

Not when it comes to child development. His son Hunter Biden was taking a professional pre-school course, and he said it made him realize that he was not good enough to take Hunter’s spot in college.

And what about the incumbent?

If she has enough salt in her diet, she won’t be an Iron Lady.

I’ll stick to joking about that one.

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