The Story Behind the US Open Stoned

The Story Behind the US Open Stoned

Nick Kyrgios complains of marijuana smell during US Open second round win over John Isner

As the sun was setting on the first day of the US Open on Wednesday, the American flag was being unfurled and the stars and stripes were being raised in tribute to the country that is supposed to be a beacon for freedom and democracy.

The players representing the American team were walking with the flag to the new venue, where they will face off against the Russians, who are also playing in the tournament, for the first ever time.

Then, and only then, did a member of the US team admit to being stoned, and in the most telling way.

The story of how the American team was found unconscious in a grassy knoll on Wednesday afternoon while celebrating their win to the country’s national anthem was a great story.

As it was, though, the story that followed was even better.

The US team was celebrating with a group of other top players when, with no warning, the players began to run on to the grassy knoll with flags in hand.

“I think they felt a good amount of energy from the crowd, so they were trying to get out of there, and it was a little bit like a mad dash to the grassy area where the flag stands,” John Isner said.

As the flag was being raised, it could have been that another member of the US team felt a change in their surroundings, or maybe it was the first time a member of the team felt like he was stoned.

“There was no one else there that was high,” Kevin Anderson said.

The story behind the marijuana was not a mystery by Wednesday night.

The players on the US team had been celebrating on top of the hill when, in a moment of frustration, they grabbed their arms and ran on to the grassy knoll for a celebration of the country, the flags, and

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