The New York Times Reporter Goes Undercover to Expose the Man Behind “4 Days” Reality TV Shows

The New York Times Reporter Goes Undercover to Expose the Man Behind “4 Days” Reality TV Shows

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures and lawsuits

A New York Times reporter has been going undercover for four months to expose the mysterious man who heads up four days of the week reality TV programs, which have been producing a stream of reality TV shows starring celebrities and celebrities-in-waiting.

Christopher LaVoie, the man behind the “4 Days” reality TV shows, is a former police officer and has a checkered past.

At the center of the explosive story is LaVoie, a self-made man who in many ways is the perfect candidate to run these shows.

In addition to a background in law and politics, LaVoie previously served as a police officer in several communities in Massachusetts including Brookline, Roxbury and South Boston.

He claims to have also performed community service at Camp Tupperware in Framingham, Massachusetts, where he worked with other undercover journalists with his own reality TV show, “The Tipping Point.”

LaVoie claims that in 2004, police officers had threatened him because he had reported a crime they had investigated. It was after that that he joined four days of the week reality TV shows from his office in Greenwich, Connecticut and has been going undercover in local communities in New York and Massachusetts and beyond.

LaVoie said that one of his “tipping point” programs for his own show was in a high school in Framingham, where he was asked to investigate a murder and found out it was committed by a 16-year-old and he was able to show that someone else was guilty.

LaVoie told The New York Times that he used to be a police officer in Roxbury and Brookline, where he was the police chief and detective, respectively.

He said that he is not the only person going undercover in the reality TV shows and the reason for the intense interest in his programs, many of which have a high profile, is because he is trying to shine a light on how the police, local prosecutors and city officials protect their own behind closed doors while they turn a blind eye to corrupt and illegal behavior.

LaVoie denied that he works with the police department to film the reality shows, but he said that he does have an agreement

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