San Francisco mayor-elect cancels 10 fund raisers after bribery claims

A tradition he will not repeat, after his campaign was hit with fraud accusations involving one of the fund raisers.

The San Francisco mayor-elect, Eric Adams, announced on Friday that he has cancelled ten fund raisers scheduled for the next four months.

Adams alleged he was being swindled by campaign fund raisers who were asking for donations in exchange for “professional opportunities”, a complaint which was filed in August by a state Senator who is also an attorney. That complaint was then forwarded to the FBI.

“I appreciate that I have a dedicated campaign team, including many who have been with me since the beginning,” Adams said in a statement released on Friday. “But when the FBI and the State Attorney General tell me that a few that have called themselves ‘fundraisers’ are working to take advantage of supporters, I have to rethink my approach.”

The campaign has since dropped ten fundraisers listed in donor reports. Other fund raisers listed in reports have been replaced by other campaign fundraisers.

Adams’ campaign had used the comments section of its Facebook page to encourage donations. In a post on Friday, Adams said that those commenting were not his campaign staff and had their own account.

“There is no place in my campaign for San Francisco mayor for the behavior described in the complaint,” Adams said. “To be clear, we are not conducting any solicitations in the social media comments section. I am pulling all donations from the thread and replacing it with another campaign fundraiser.”

He added: “In the coming weeks, I will make it clear that when there is unacceptable behavior by anyone associated with my campaign, I will strongly take a stand.”

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