Rosie DiManno joins panel of ‘Viewing Hate’

Actress Rosie DiManno, the first Native American woman to be cast in a lead role on an American TV series, joined the panel of “Viewing Hate” and described how the FBI’s decision to not take the Jussie Smollett investigation seriously has brought the racial undertones of his assault back into the spotlight.

“The Black community and the LGBT community are always looking to their allies — they look to you,” she said. “What Donald Trump said [regarding Smollett’s attack] was just proof of his hypocrisy. We have a right to be angry.”

The former reality star also spoke about her own traumatic experience of being sexually assaulted, and explained how making her tape of the experience publicly was a liberating experience.

“The hardest part was just staying silent and hiding out… because I didn’t want to scare the man who sexually assaulted me — I just wanted to be my strongest self and be the best me I could be for my family. I was distraught and trying to process what had happened, and it took me a really long time to get over that.”

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