REVIEW: ‘Saturday Night Live’ President Trump rant

Written by By Staff Writer

How do you describe a presidency so filled with lurid scandals, stunning revelations, and ruthless mockery and abuse of power, but when it comes to anything having to do with Trump’s personality, his presidency isn’t as laughable and ridiculous as I’ve been made to believe by our friends at Comedy Central.

This week I decided to give them permission to rerun the clip they ran with the New York Times last summer when Ivanka Trump’s conduct and looks during a White House dinner angered well-respected counsel Rudy Giuliani.

Suddenly everyone had forgotten about Trump’s ridiculous, awful interview, that NYT piece published last summer so you can still watch it at your leisure. But Giuliani looked ready to drop with outrage over the way Ivanka handled herself that night at the dinner.

But Melania Trump’s presence and incisiveness in the final moments made the conversation incredibly dumb and unimportant. Then it was time to think about how Ivanka would handle the “accusations and lies,” as Giuliani suggested in his first sentence.

Maher moves on. I ask Giuliani whether Trump is the empress of lies, and whether his daughter would now stop him? It’s a loaded question that Giuliani muses that she would take a different approach to that which she previously gave him as lawyer, and he just keeps talking.

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