Pregnant woman is 5th person to die from flu in Canada

New Brunswick has posted a 56% rise in flu-related hospitalizations so far this flu season.

The overall number of recorded flu cases are also up by 66% in New Brunswick. And the number of pneumonia-related hospitalizations have almost doubled.

Joanne Harvey, a doctor in the department of family medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, says they have seen a trend with this particular strain of influenza that’s hitting younger people especially hard.

“This influenza B strain, which is killing us, this strain is killing more adolescents and younger adults than it is older adults,” Harvey told CBC.

Health officials say so far this flu season there are 300 reports of pediatric flu-related deaths. Many of the deaths in children are in children aged between six months and five years old.

Before this year, there had only been a handful of pediatric flu-related deaths in New Brunswick since the pandemic in 2009.

Health officials are recommending this to make people aware of the dangers, especially during this rainy season.

CBC reports there have been several cases of the flu so far this season with some people hospitalized or dead.

While there have been two reported cases of the flu reported in New Brunswick this season, there have been very few people who died from the flu.

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