Pfizer’s first immunotherapy treatment of a common disease appears to be a success

Pfizer Inc. on Tuesday said the first day of immunotherapy therapy of a rare form of a jaw condition resulted in complete response to all six patients studied and was safe.

“While still very early in the program, the efficacy of tanezumab in an enlarged non-healing Dupuytren’s contracture (DNC) nerve root correlated with improvements in pain relief,” Neil Porter, head of Pfizer’s Innovative Medicines unit, said in a statement.

He added, “in terms of progress in treating severe frown lines, the result demonstrated that tanezumab has the potential to help people with moderate to severe frown lines.”

Pfizer is pursuing tanezumab in three targeted settings – as a nasal spray, infusion and orally administered vaccine. The nasal and injectable formulations had tested in around 2,000 patients.

Porter noted that the nasal spray, which has been studied so far in 471 patients, has demonstrated T-cell targeting – which is expected to help kill tumor cells in patients – but not dilation of the nose, which may also be helpful in easing symptoms.

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