People ‘Unified’ Over The Need To Sanction Russia If They Invade Ukraine – Source

A source familiar with the latest G-7 summit said Tuesday that Russia’s chief adversary was united behind punishing Moscow if President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

“The last meeting in St. Petersburg put the issue of Crimea back in the hands of the leadership of the world’s major industrialized democracies. It brought Russia’s actions on the Crimean peninsula back on the table for discussion. No country is looking for confrontation or confrontation at this point. As to any specific actions that must be taken if Russia decided to invade, the G-7 leaders were united in saying that such a situation would carry an array of consequences,” the source said.

The Clinton Administration had wrestled over the issue and bogged down in internal debate over the sanctions needed to back up its assertions.

But with the Russian invasion now called off, President Trump appears set to pare back sanctions despite them having “distorted Russia’s economy and its relationship with the outside world.”

The source also said a renewal of the rhetorical commitment to support Ukraine in its challenge to Russian aggression is unlikely before the April election, but that current administration officials still believe Russia will continue to be sanctioned at some level beyond the Moscow May presidential elections.

This story is developing.

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