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About the only good thing about a mid-afternoon slump is that it sometimes gives you time to think. For many of us, waiting means sharpening the gears of the creativity machinery that makes the world run better. Sometimes that means reminiscing about our favorite childhood pursuits, such as reading, or perhaps cooking a favorite recipe.

Sometimes it turns into making something up and then setting it down to play a joke on someone else. Thankfully, medicines come with many benefits that mitigate the risk of things like this occurring.

But medication isn’t always easy. Not only can making a mistake make you miserable for awhile, but the experience can be so humiliating that you fear you may never be able to go through life without making a mistake again. For some people, that fear can be rooted in a constant fear of infections, including those caused by parasites.

Ever since that scary video of a tiny bug shot out of your eye, maybe we all needed to panic. It turns out, though, that some people who suffer from an immune disorder might not actually be at risk of getting a bug from an insect.

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals has developed one such drug that seems to prevent people from getting an infection of a parasite called Critically Encephalitic Rhinovirus (C.ehrv) caused by C.ehrv-X.

The discovery was made by a team at the Rotterdam School of Tropical Medicine in the Netherlands in 2015. The drug is currently only being tested in animals, but it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Controlling such infections is important to people with immune disorders because they can have severe long-term health consequences. This latest approval for the drug could help people get out of their irie so they can get on with their day, without worrying that they might catch something that affects them for years.

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