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Its stitched together with fresh threads, Eucharist, which reached me from the atelier of Eugenio Morosini, is one of those delicate threads woven in this lifetime from sewn together history. It is an embroidery (called sottos) whose threads became a binding thread. It binds them together like a well, as they were welded together. Its thread is very fine, it is attached to the neck; it is very gentle, but very strong. If anyone tries to put it aside, the threads will not unravel and return to the start.

It is made of small strips of fine silk printed with the crossed crosses of blessed Isabella (40) and Annunciation (55). Her crosses are pom-poms made of silver fabric. She was a secretary to a commissaire who brought to what is now the Holy See finances, and wrote the apostolic constitution Dignitas Monastrello, in which the Christian world is united. Here is the song of the national anthems of six of these countries (the others are Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece):

Golden rays shower and promote…

The sun asks Isabella and Annunciation to return to Rome. They come out of hiding to be with the Pope;

And Annunciation announces to Isabella: “Neither harvesters nor workers are in danger”.

How much we have lost!

The Latin song

O the Lady of Isabella and Annunciation

Pure and fair, her colour beautiful

St Joseph the servant of God

Attended her in the chapel

Where she began her penance and she delivered her

Still stronger at the end.

Latter psalm:

The Lord, God of the world

Is thy Son, and at his begotten name,

a God whose glory is known to all

as he plies His work,

A nigh lofty heaven is loosed upon him

And there he comes to its meeting place,

For fulfilment

From this Heavenly body

The Mighty is made in our world;

Christ is the deliverer and liberator,

He came down from heaven to be raised up.

First chorale:

The Blessed Virgin Mary

We pray that this verse will be imitated

By all her children the many peoples,

who are all gathered in the arch to receive her;

We pray that it will occur to her and her children,

that the Child Jesus, the Mediator of all peace,

will return so that they may know Him!

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