Naomi Campbell: We Have the Opportunity and Technology to Change the Environment

Eco fashion designer Suzanne Goin recently spoke at University of Pennsylvania that people just aren’t getting it on ethics and it’s definitely “scary.” But according to Naomi Campbell, who is still going strong at age 51, what you choose to wear is not as important as what it’s made from, and the rainforest says a different story.

“We’re probably living our best life where we actually have the opportunity and the technology to have some kind of impact or change in the environment.” Campbell told CNBC on “Power Lunch.”

Most of us know the feeling of trying to blend in but there’s a fashion designer out there that’s going the extra mile with the planet. Suzanne Goin makes her dresses using 100 percent sustainable fabrics. When is she really buying organic or not? She’s not. She has no problem bringing your fabric in to be dyed naturally.

“What you are doing and really what my company focuses on is being beautiful and interesting, and being responsible but that doesn’t mean to always be low in everything,” said Goin. “We go up in everything,” she added.

Some of those dresses range in price from around $500, to over $1,000, but this designer says “it’s easy to know that it’s 100 percent incredibly beautiful and environmentally friendly to purchase.”

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