McDonald’s on the verge of launching its own breakfast sandwich

McDonald’s is on the verge of becoming the first major restaurant chain to launch its own private-label breakfast sandwich. If approved, it will be on shelves in 2021. Executives from the Oak Brook, Ill.-based company spoke to Ad Age as part of their business planning process, and executives have said the move is in response to changing consumer tastes. More than half of Millennials frequent fast-food breakfast sandwiches — people who use the line between breakfast and lunch even more.

Ad Age had previously reported that McDonald’s was developing a line of breakfast sandwiches using the Grand Lux Cafe brand, a private-label brand designed for the fast-food giant that was launched in 2014. The company did not confirm the launch, but Gregory Adams, McDonald’s Executive Director of Concept and Innovation, issued a statement about the brand.

“[Grand Lux Cafe’s] unique flavor profiles provide the perfect blend of flavor and convenience for today’s guests and their working-life needs,” Adams said. “By working with innovative brands, such as GU, to develop innovative breakfast sandwiches and menu items, our menu is very Darwinian.”

The announcement comes a year after McDonald’s said it will stop selling hamburgers and milkshakes nationwide by the end of 2018, as part of a push to remodel its restaurants and make them more modern and contemporary. It’s a push that executives have argued is helping to reverse decades of declining sales, but consumers have not been thrilled by the changes. According to a 2016 AP-NORC study, only 51 percent of consumers say the changes make them want to visit McDonald’s, down from 58 percent a year earlier.

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