Mayor Garcetti Should Not Work for India

Mayor Garcetti Should Not Work for India

Letters to the Editor: Why Mayor Eric Garcetti shouldn’t be ambassador to India

September 22, 2014

Last week, the Los Angeles Times ran an op-ed by a mayor who was only slightly more honest about his reasons than many in Hollywood, but, in general, the mayor said why he was not interested in working for India. This is not because Garcetti is afraid to promote and endorse liberal Democratic policies, but rather, like most of us, he just got swept up in the Hollywood Left and wants to avoid being labeled a “socialist” – for fear that his actions will be misinterpreted as promoting Democratic policies.

If he wants to be a serious politician and not just a celebrity, Garcetti should put some of his energy and political capital into developing a credible campaign for re-election to the mayor’s office – one that is far better than the one of five city council members who now control the fate of the city’s future.

The next mayor must make a critical choice – whether to work with the unions and progressives or put his money and political capital into a realistic campaign for re-election. Garcetti has made the right decision by not doing so. The right decision by the next mayor will ensure a better future for Los Angeles.


The writer has overseen the redevelopment of the Palms Beach area for more than 25 years. His vision was to move into the next century and transform the city of Palms Beach. He became the first black chairman of the city’s development authority, which became the Los Angeles County Development Agency in 1988.

I support Mayor Garcetti’s plans for the revitalization of our community. The city must continue to be a vibrant city where our residents can live, work and play, a city where our dreams and aspirations can be realized. I support Mayor Garcetti’s vision and hope that he will fulfill his promise to continue to make our city a “city that works”.

Dennis J. Cappello, Palm Springs

I don’t remember ever reading an editorial that praised President Roosevelt’s words “government is the great leveler”. I thought it was quite remarkable.

I certainly cannot understand why the mayor and the people living in his town are not appreciative. They are a part of his constituency. What is wrong with them?

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