Map of Distracted Driving at Thames River Glen Lakes and the Coorg River

Map of Distracted Driving at Thames River Glen Lakes and the Coorg River

The next time you’re driving in Toronto, you may want to hold onto your phone a little bit longer because these map show at Thames River Glen Lakes and the Coorg River (the “soil of science”) that the roads are not where you think they are.

These are two areas where distracted driving is still problem and they could be easily impacted by the 447 km/h speed limit reduction the city has planned for all of its roads within 5 km of the Canada-Ontario border.

Roughly, once the speed limit reductions are implemented the city may see some slowing in the area. The lowered speed limit was partly in response to a report on accidents in the area. There have been 12 serious accidents since 2010 along a 4.6 km stretch along the Coorg River and two fatal accidents near from Willowdale to Emerson. There have been four serious accidents along the Thames River (north of Riverside Drive) since 2016 which have killed a total of three people and two persons at Glen-Bath Road.

According to this “Mapping Risk Analysis,” defined as the Health Canada’s 2013 Canadian Roadmap to Reduce Accidents on Canadian Roads” released by the institute, the built environment is the leading cause of motor vehicle injury deaths per kilometre travelled. Motor vehicle operators, drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders are the main vulnerable road users. The maps shows that over 99% of the major routes in Toronto support the federal Roadmap.

These maps show the new reduced speed limit is in one of the riskiest corridors in Toronto’s west end and are a driving lesson to follow while you are driving from there all the way to the east end and north of Mississauga.

However, driving in these areas may be a little easier due to the split 27.6 km/h enforcement zone that includes parts of Waterloo Region.

Oh, by the way, Toronto has no limits for driving 7.2 km/h over 25 km/h. Thanks, Ontario!



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