Map of Canada: Organized crime’s spread across the Great White North

Two men have been identified after a deadly shooting that took place in the city’s north end on Sunday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have identified one victim as Joshua Yasay, a 22-year-old male from the Ryerson University community in Toronto.

An investigation is underway, and the suspect, an 18-year-old male, is in custody. Police believe the man may have been the one to initiate the shooting that injured two other men and resulted in the deaths of Yasay and 28-year-old Alan Reynolds.

Police Chief Mark Saunders told reporters Sunday that the investigation into the shooting will “go through our usual Criminal Investigation Branch process, with a lot of detail, a lot of aspects we’re going to have to work with before we can say this is now a gang issue.”

Rocco Butt, a senior researcher at the Canadian Crime Prevention Foundation, told FOX411 that organized crime is a major problem in the country.

“It’s a big problem with Canada, over the last few years,” he said. “The latest stats show there are over 9,000 organized crime members in Canada, there’s probably about 50 high profile organized crime cases, some of which are huge crimes, involving drugs, violence and racketeering.”

He added that “it is not anymore [organized crime in Canada] will have a cycle of feeling that they’re under attack all the time; they’ll always feel that way.

“People will be looking for revenge. [Organized crime] plays out in a very dysfunctional way. … It’s always full of miscommunication.”

Since the ’60s, some of Canada’s biggest problems have been occurring in the city of Toronto. But those problems have largely been centered around organized crime in neighborhoods like Dixon Road and Jane Street.

A resident of Jane Street, where a shooting happened last week, told FOX411 the area used to be much safer than it is now.

“We don’t feel safe,” Eva Mills said. “Lots of crime here. Drugs, guns. Just a bad area to live in. All the places we wanted to live we had trouble getting.”

Mills added that at one point, there was such a threat, “You could not bring a child here at night.”

Butt said that gangs and organized crime have tried to change the public image of Toronto to become a small town environment in the 1980s, but that recently it seems “it’s been getting worse” and it “sounds like they’re making a big push for the next generation of organized crime.”

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