Man Adopted as Child Finds Out Who His Parents Are

10 people tried to take him when he was a toddler. His long-lost parents had never existed. Until now.

Born in Arizona, Kody Burkett spent the last six years of his life as an international man of mystery and mystery as far away as Orlando and Melbourne, Australia.

However, the dramatic ending has unfolded less than two weeks after the Spanish researchers finally decided that this was the right story for them to pursue, according to The Associated Press.

Following the investigation, the rediscovery group at the Planetary Data Center opened their own investigation into Burkett’s past. They initially thought he was a “returning emigrant” from the United States. After they paid him a visit, they decided that would not be a good enough reason to keep him hidden away in a walled property on the desert coast of Spain.

But after a series of tests and visits by the researchers, they concluded that Burkett had not come from the US.

They named him a “child of unknown origin” and announced that he had no real parents after they deemed his family was not legitimate. That was until today, a day after their announcement.

Burkett apparently spent most of his life in Spain living the life of a man. He worked as a stock trader for a major investment company and worked as a shop manager. According to reports, he even went so far as to claim to be the son of a well-known Spanish soccer star.

He acquired a signature Indian head-dress and spent years immersed in his new homeland. According to the AP, he even had two children by his wife, who is also Spanish, and claims to be his biological father.

It was only recently that researchers realized that there was a missing piece in Burkett’s story: his birth parents, or his birth father, or either of his mothers, or both.

Burkett has not yet told his tale to the AP, and that will most likely be the biggest mystery in this story.

However, some other interesting pieces of information are starting to emerge now that Burkett has been found:

He had actually been adopted as a child and “had never even met his biological father until he tried to board a flight to Spain in 2009, knowing that would be the moment he would learn the truth”.

He has recovered all of his birth certificates which he has sent off to his birth parents in Arizona “and was notified by the Spanish authorities that he was not a true stranger but the son of an abandoned woman from Avondale, Arizona”.

Burkett has “stressed repeatedly that, unlike most adopted children, he did not forget his past life, but has used his experiences for a purpose: discovering he had the ability to communicate with “his people.”

It is unknown what the children in either California or Arizona are up to now. It is also unknown if they are still speaking Spanish.

Burkett has apparently left “with great joy” to continue searching for his birth parents and helping others who find themselves in situations like his.

Source: The Associated Press / Featured Image: Flickr / R. O. Dicks

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