Lottery winners cry over losing $327 million

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Jada Plummer of Michigan was among the winners of $687 million Powerball jackpot. She felt happier than she had in a long time.

But after “a couple of days,” she couldn’t hide her dread. With the previous night’s winning numbers ringing in her ears, there was no way she could have predicted the next morning that $327 million would go missing.

Now Plummer is putting a positive spin on this peculiar incident.

“I woke up the next morning to find $327 million in the morning news reports in America,” she said in a news release, according to a Facebook post by her attorney. “I’ve cried over and over for the past two weeks. But I am still able to look at this as the second beginning of my new life. … This life will help me become a better person!”

Meanwhile, some lottery players are sharing their lottery stories in a much more sad way, as fatal accidents are reported across the country.

The photo above shows a man who was killed in a traffic accident while pulling a lottery ticket from his pocket.

A man died after he stepped on a gas pedal instead of a brake on a South Carolina highway, as the driver behind him pulled into a gas station. Moments later, the minivan flipped over, killing the man.

A woman died in Kentucky after someone tried to snatch her lottery ticket as she was walking to her car.

Another woman died after the driver of a car ran her over while she was selling lottery tickets in New Jersey.

A California woman was killed in February when she was hit by a vehicle while trying to get her family’s lost lottery ticket.

Earlier this week, another woman in Colorado was struck and killed by a car while walking a dog on a dark street. The dog was also struck and seriously injured. The driver of the car didn’t stop.

In Colorado Springs, police on Friday identified a man who was struck and killed by a car on Wednesday evening.

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