Kardashian’s divorce request from Kanye West is back in the courts

Just two days after Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announced their “breakup,” the Kardashian sister was back in court seeking a divorce from the rapper, according to TMZ.

On Monday, Kardashian filed for divorce while West’s team countered by urging a judge to grant a rehashing of their divorce petition, which has been rejected a few times, during a hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

As reported by TMZ, West failed to show up to court due to what his team called a “non-traveling migraine.”

[Weeks] after Kardashian and West publicly announced their marriage was over for good, the pair filed for divorce in late May, citing irreconcilable differences. But on Friday, a few days after West gave a fan his undivided attention and had a rare display of public emotion, Kardashian’s attorney filed a request for the couple to revisit their divorce petition. “The primary question in our mind is whether Mr. West has made sufficient genuine effort to reconcile with Ms. Kardashian West,” attorney Laura Wasser told Judge Beckloff in papers. Wasser added that if West’s team “cannot come to terms, then a new motion should be filed at a later date.” The request for a rehashing was made by West’s lawyer, Michael P. Kump, according to court papers obtained by People. West’s legal team is now asking for a restraining order against Kardashian after Kim allegedly “sabotaged” his performance in Sacramento on Friday. Her attorney countered by arguing that West’s team should be aware of the “dramatic change in attitude” they’ve witnessed during an ongoing custody battle over their daughter, North West. A rep for Kardashian declined to comment to The Associated Press.

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