Julian Assange’s legal representation

The Ecuadorean government’s views about this case are clear: They have upheld Julian Assange’s human rights throughout the years of his involvement in the United States investigation and, now, in seeking his departure from the Ecuadorean embassy.

Ecuador’s efforts in this case have been vindicated by the Court of Appeal, a judicial body that has been free to decide on the key legal arguments presented in court. In this case, the Court of Appeal unanimously stated: “Ecuador’s position is that, because the UK’s extradition request is valid and in accordance with international law, the issue of his flight to avoid justice is no longer an issue.” Ecuador’s position has been consistent throughout this process.

Ecuador has committed to supporting the case for Julian Assange, and will continue to do so in the United States, as well as before any other judicial body. This is not a political judgment – it is an uncompromising belief in Assange’s right to due process and freedom of expression, and the right to be a human being.

President Lenin Moreno, a critical independent leader in an increasingly polarized political climate, and the Ecuadorean Foreign Ministry continue to call for his legal remedies to be followed. The choice for extradition of Julian Assange to the United States for crimes stemming from activities during his time as an activist remains between the United Kingdom and the United States. The Foreign Ministry is of the opinion that it is in the interest of Ecuador that the most important extradition procedures of international concern be handled by independent and sovereign international institutions.

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