Indie game developers come together for a new Golden Age of game shows

Game developers are going to see if they have what it takes to snare a premier Emmy Award come May 18, as the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ organization will host its first-ever Game Awards at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Vulture reports. Joining the Academy in the event’s inaugural year are more than a dozen top-notch celebrities, including Orange Is the New Black’s Ruby Rose and Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown.

A leader of the indie scene, The Game Awards is hailed as the “Oscars of games” and, from its introduction on YouTube in 2017, has garnered massive popularity. Vulture details a resurgence of awards shows as a whole and the meaningful message from an indie-focused show like The Game Awards in a new feature, “The Indie Oscars Are Back.”

“The Game Awards not only presented indie game developers with the opportunity to award themselves and highlight their games, it also demonstrated the inherent growth,” Tegan Stanley, a writer for IGN, told Vulture. “With The Game Awards, games, creators, and fans everywhere could come together to celebrate games, celebrate independent creators, and really make this a movement. It became a media event, and now, four years in, it feels like it really has gained momentum.”

The Emmy-recognized award show has vowed to be at its traditional production — with videos and surprise guests — but will feature the likes of DJ Khaled, Baby Ariel, Mike Myers, Joe Jonas, Aziz Ansari, Charlie Day, Kelly Clarkson, and more in celebration of the medium. According to Billboard, the Game Awards will even include more young, influential game developers than usual in an effort to reach a new generation of audiences.

“This year, the Game Awards is acknowledging the incredible importance of the indie industry and those who push the industry forward to the future,” James Gwertzman, the chief executive of their parent company Whalerock Industries, said in a statement. “We are always striving to bring our content closer to the audience, and the Game Awards is no exception. While traditionally the Game Awards is about those who are the industry, this year, it is about those that are following the games, the community and the community to a new audience.”

“It’s fantastic,” said Cory Ledbetter, the co-host of the event. “I really admire these shows because they’re so good at honoring incredible work. They all have their moments of random and interesting moments, but I think the central goal is to honor the great work of the game developers.”

What do you think of the Game Awards? What do you expect from it?


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