Homeless man charged in Canada’s Thanksgiving Day vandalism, crash

A homeless man wanted in connection with vandalism that disrupted the Canadian city of Toronto’s Thanksgiving Day parade and a crash that left two women in the hospital was arrested Thursday.

Canada-wide warrant issued for Toronto man charged with damaging property: link https://t.co/Dt9gLBhjn6 — Toronto Police (@TorontoPolice) April 20, 2016

According to the CBC, Darcy Sheppard, 48, was arrested by Toronto police.

Sheppard was identified as the suspect who hurled racial slurs and hurled a rock at a vehicle in Canada’s largest city that injured two women, 38 and 30.

According to reports, Sheppard has a prior conviction for assault. He was discharged from a psychiatric facility three weeks before the incident. He was not on psychiatric staff when arrested.

According to the CBC, Sheppard has a criminal record including five convictions for assault.

Authorities were called to the intersection of Spadina Avenue and Greenwood Street following an incident that “resulted in the damage to the three-vehicle car dealership in the area,” CBC reported. “In addition, there was damage to a Honda parking lot and several other cars around the intersection of Greenwood Street and Spadina Avenue.”

Investigators said their investigation resulted in them naming Sheppard as a suspect in a hate-motivated mischief investigation.

CBC said police began to suspect a video from the street could be Sheppard. On Tuesday, they released a photo.

On Friday, City of Toronto spokeswoman Shari Schwartz-Maltz said the city police want to caution people not to rush to judgment in the case.

“It’s very early on,” Schwartz-Maltz said. “If you have any information, please let us know.”

A man who claims to be Sheppard’s brother said the attack was not meant as a race-related attack.

“I don’t know what to tell you. That was me,” Terrence Sheppard said. “In my head, I am going to say that he slipped up, he was drinking too much. It is going to take me a long time to forgive him.”

Five hours after the incident, Toronto police officials said they had evidence they were looking for and said they had a “strong presence” in the north end of the city.

They provided a mug shot of a man whom they said is Sheppard. He is in a holding facility and is scheduled to appear in court April 27.

Toronto police issued a bulletin at the time saying they were looking for anyone who may have filmed the incident.

They described the suspect as a white man who is 40 to 45 years old and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds.

An unofficial list of the charges Sheppard faces on the warrant: Felony Criminal Damage, Felony Hate Crime, Criminal Damage over $5,000, Felony Attempted Criminal Damage, Felony Criminal Damage Under $5,000, Felony Criminal Damage to Property, Felony Assault, Felony Fail to Remain at Scene.

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