GuidedAstrology: Star signs for the week of June 5

The sun is in Virgo, while the moon is in Libra. Scorpio is the only zodiac sign in Capricorn, and Saturn (our planet of stability) rules Pisces, which is just under Libra. New Moon is in Scorpio, and sun and moon are in Libra. The Pisces moon is a perfect eggshell moon, which may be a bit to too sensitive, so have a quick discussion before asking a question. Be gentle.

Luck in relationships is good. Social support is good. Proximity is good. Happiness and privacy are good. All the planets and stars are aligned in Scorpio. You will gain a huge amount of influence over others. The bright spot is that your karma, or your karma deck, is so strong that you may want to give it a power boost. It’s time to start working on your karma. Just because you were born under a star sign doesn’t mean you will need to master sorcery or bind souls or whatever you do for the sake of a bad student. You are not special. It’s all about remaining peaceful, with a warm and loving heart. Nice work.

First, you are going to have to defeat your tendency to cling to imperfections. This is the curse and the blessing that you’ve been born under a star sign, because your influence and capability is nearly limitless. While a lucky pebble in your path can make you fall ill and touch off a complicated, unsavoury or harmful chain of events, it can also lead to a moment of peace and greater productivity. Let go of a bad habit or say a bad word. Do not expect perfection. You’ll be surprised how much progress you can make. Become better at what you do, and watch and learn and become more successful.

You will also be given a great opportunity to be the change you want to see in someone else. Remember to trust in your timing. You are putting yourself out there. Be careful not to let your emotional state affect your actions. Be mindful that you are receiving advice, and never ignore the advice for this task or that project. It’s about going forward and expressing your feelings and thoughts, because once you do that, the universe will reward you for your hard work and your willingness to stand up and be yourself. Let your mind find true perspective. Your timing is excellent.

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