Gov. Ron DeSantis proposes spending $8 million to deporting immigrants in Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis, in an effort to fill budget holes from reduced state revenue because of lagging tax revenues, has proposed a $3.2 billion budget that includes a provision that will spend $8 million for the removal of illegal immigrants from Florida. It does not, however, allow for more spending on immigration enforcement for border protection.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel broke down some of the details of the budget and found that it spends $8 million in addition to the $7.4 million the state has already spent on removing illegal immigrants, paid for by federal, not state, funds.

Part of the proposal would expand the role of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in transportation and translation to those who are ordered deported from the country.

It would also send first responders to conduct arrests of illegal immigrants at the courthouse, which would be part of the federal Secure Communities program which the state ended a program for.

The program, which allows for the removal of those who cannot be deported, would also be expanded with new authorization to locate and deport people who face mandatory deportation, or even those who have committed crimes or have been ordered to serve time in prison.

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Florida House has approved the budget and the Florida Senate was expected to follow suit.

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