GOP hopes to flip the House in November

GOP hopes to flip the House in November

Republicans on path to flipping House, hope to put a check on Biden agenda

Republican hopes to flip the House in November and put a check on the new Democratic majority began to look a little dim on Friday as several conservative activists and donors gathered in San Diego to make a push to flip the 13 seats President Barack Obama carried in 2008 while Democrats retook control of the House.

The Republican National Committee is already eyeing key seats in Virginia and Ohio and in Minnesota, where Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., is in a tight race with Democratic challenger and former TV News weatherman Chris McDaniel.

The RNC is sending out a flurry of messages on social media and online advertising as it tries to capitalize on GOP gains this year, which could give the Republicans control of the House next year.

The RNC is also aiming its hopes toward flipping as many as 40 Republican-held seats, which include seven that are not considered competitive — such as Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio.

House of Representatives candidates in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In California, the GOP needs a net gain of at least 24 seats to win the House majority, or five seats. The party has already flipped the 24 House seats it needed, and now it is ready to take another run at flipping seats in the nation’s biggest swing state, where Democrats won two seats in 2010 and 2014 and now hope to retake the House majority.

The RNC is also eager to see how the Democrats fare in the Senate races in North Dakota and California, where the party now has only two seats after losing the two held by President Obama.

Republicans have also targeted races in Texas, which is seen as a must-win state as this November’s elections will likely be the first since 2014 that the two major parties do not hold control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

But Democrats can still take control of the House with or without Republican help, though there is no guarantee it will happen.

The party could also pick up seats or could lose seats with the help of independent voters and a

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