Feds quiz Wake Forest about H1N1 policy, Middlebury on returning to remote learning

The Wake Forest University in North Carolina is under federal scrutiny for not tracking the vaccination status of about 1,000 of its students who were impacted by the H1N1 virus, which hit North Carolina last month.

That’s just one of the stories linked in the Boston Globe this morning.

Middlebury College, which like Wake Forest is an independent school, announced on Sunday that it would bring back remote learning in the face of a close to 92 percent student vaccination rate, which meets CDC recommendations.

The approach in Vermont has helped eke out a 95 percent rate of one-day vaccinations. Middlebury said, as far as it can tell, the only direct loss of academic ability in the state came from school-only students that had to be home readjusted to “bedtimes that had been pushed back at night for the sake of the safe learning environment at the middle school.”

In this case, there was ample warning. Students can’t get vaccinated until they have had two full doses. Middlebury said in its statement:

It was not the act of “keeping kids home” or of closing the college on a cold night that may have some middlebury students unwilling to readjust their bedtimes. As usual, families who have students in “check-in” know their timetable, including the occasional public phone call that a middlebury faculty member or others have made to remind them. In short, we have all known how to proceed in this emergency situation for months.

The Globe has a lot more detail.

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