Disaster so far, Missouri tornado survivors speak of devastation

In the two weeks since a tornado swept through JeffERSON County, Mo., destroying a swath of homes, all signs of it were gone Tuesday.

People began rebuilding fences, laying lawns and putting up Christmas decorations weeks ago. Now, survivors are getting a glimpse at what their properties once looked like. The Daily Mail put together a series of before-and-after pictures.

The images show entire neighborhoods completely wiped out by EF3 tornadoes, which have winds of up to 150 mph. The tornadoes, which hit Moore, Okla., and Mayflower, Ark., claimed the lives of dozens of people, but so far, no one has been killed in the Missouri tornadoes.

“I was just happy I came home safe. That’s all I really wanted to do,” Benjamin Pratt told The Daily Mail. He bought his house just two years ago and is devastated by what it looks like today.

“People won’t recognize the house,” Pratt said. “It’s always been cool but now it’s just barren. And lonely.”

Workers using a bulldozer were trying to remove debris from the home of Dickerson resident William Loomis.

“They’re trying to build a brand new house here at the minute,” Loomis said. “They got contractors over here taking pictures and trying to salvage anything.”

The tornadoes left many with serious injuries, but have claimed no lives.

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