Christine Kavanagh Accused Novak Djokovic of ‘rape kit’ comment

Christine Kavanagh Accused Novak Djokovic of 'rape kit' comment

Nick Kyrgios settles legal case with Wimbledon fan he accused of being ‘drunk out of her mind,’ her lawyers say

by Michael Smith

Aug 20, 2019

WIMBLEDON, England (AFP) – Former world number one Novak Djokovic has settled a legal case with a British fan he accused of being “drunk out of her mind” after a night out, a court heard on Friday (Aug. 20).

Wimbledon fan Christine Kavanagh told police she had been attacked by Djokovic following another game of tennis back in 2017 in their hometown of Wimbledon, in west London.

But the Serbian went on to file a complaint with police alleging her allegations, which she said were fabricated, were an attempt to smear his name and tarnish his image as a champion.

In 2015, the 33-year-old Kavanagh, who ran a social media page called KavanaghsOnTour, posted a picture of Djokovic on social media alongside a caption saying he was “drunk out of his mind” during the 2016 Wimbledon tournament in which he won his record six consecutive Grand Slams.

She later tried to distance herself from the post, telling reporters: “I’ve never even met him. I’ve never even set eyes on him. I have nothing to go on.”

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The post sparked a lengthy investigation into Kavanagh’s claims before the British police concluded she had “fabricated her narrative.”

While she agreed to withdraw the allegation, the court heard she “stalled” on a court date for nearly a year before finally agreeing to appear and have the case dropped.

On Friday, Kavanagh made her first appearance

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