Bob Dylan’s publisher apologizes for “misunderstanding”

Bob Dylan's publisher apologizes for "misunderstanding"

Handle with care: Publisher apologizes for fake autograph in Bob Dylan’s $600 book

Published: March 27, 2014

By: Brian McVicker

On Wednesday, the publishers of Bob Dylan’s recently released book that was going to be autographed by the legendary singer issued an email to fans apologizing for a “misunderstanding,” and offering a chance to exchange the book for a signed copy from Dylan himself.

The email went out hours after Dylan himself tweeted at the publisher, saying his book was being sent out to “a number of people” today.

“It’s been an incredibly frustrating few days,” Dylan wrote. “I was just told that two people have asked to be sent a signed copy of my book so far. And I’m in the process of trying to get a signed copy sent to both of them for you guys. Unfortunately, we’ve been very busy so we can’t be bothered with signing books for anyone at present.”

It’s unclear if Dylan was joking or if the person in question is serious.

On Wednesday afternoon, Dylan’s publisher, EMI Music Publishing, issued a statement to Billboard via email.

The statement acknowledged that Dylan’s publisher initially intended for Dylan’s autograph to be included in the book but, through miscommunication, did not send out the email.

“Unfortunately, we let this misunderstanding get out,” the EMI statement said. “We want to stress that Bob Dylan’s book will be sent to all the right places and that Mr. Dylan signed the book’s author page and in the book itself.”

A portion of Dylan’s book has already been received by some fans. Dylan personally signed a copy after a fan visited the Dylan Archives, and Dylan’s publishing company later received a book with his autograph and a handwritten note from the singer.

“I’m very passionate about music,” Dylan wrote in his note. “I’ve been very lucky to have had some of the most talented people in this business come out on the record with me and help form my music. I will gladly sign this book and send it to the person who sent it out.”

Dylan has not publicly addressed the situation, and EMI, whose label, Columbia Records, released Dylan’s latest album “Blonde On Blonde,” did

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