Blythwood junction – transformation

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A section of the Blythwood junction has reopened with lane 6 and 7 restored to traffic, together with shoulder bumpers and widened guttering. The air conditioning unit in front of the Hinchingbrooke Hospital was successfully relocated during recent excavations, while hundreds of tram tracks have been resurfaced to ensure they can cope with the upcoming double rail line upgrade.

The traffic signal light at the Fixer Bridge has been adjusted with traffic getting priority on the Fixer Bridge level crossing. Funding has been secured for the development of the Balance Lake footbridge and open space at the west end of the Fixer Bridge.

The active trader scheme in Blythwood Street has resulted in 65 traders signing up for their new bus pass scheme and this scheme will be rolled out to the remaining traders over the coming months. The bus pass scheme costs £2.50 a month and is available to a total of 55 traders. These bus passes allow bus users a 30 minute break at every 12 stops. With 30 bus stops on the Blythwood street, this means up to 60 free bus stops which will be built into the active trader scheme. The scheme also has its own dedicated website and a mobile app.

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