App Store review committee overrules lawsuit against its facial recognition app ruling

By Matt Ott, Re/code

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Tuesday rejected a request to put on hold Apple’s rollout of a rules update for its App Store.

Last week, the App Store Review Guidelines Committee rejected an application by a developer, Samy Kamkar, to operate an app that would let users take photos of their iPhone’s camera sensor and give their photos the same skin tone as their skin tone.

Forcing the app to work in its current version means that another app owner could turn a photo into a hot take on the new iPhone X, or another facial recognition app could use the photos in its product.

“These proposed changes substantially and irreparably affect Kamkar’s business,” Kamkar wrote in a lawsuit complaint. “His company, Extragram, runs app stores for these photos. Their unpaid business, including their unpaid bills, is suffering damages in excess of $5 million.”

On Friday, Kamkar filed a petition for an emergency stay on the rules change, but was denied. On Tuesday, a federal court affirmed that decision, saying Kamkar could not stop Apple from rolling out the new app store rules in their current form.

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