An anti-vaxxer called my dentist’s office to threaten to hurt children if they didn’t get their shots

My sister emailed me this quote after seeing a video in a paper last weekend of a woman telling parents that they should “spank” their children if they won’t get vaccinated.

“Do I have a problem with people making people not vaccinate their children?” she wrote. “Absolutely not. If people want to spread word that it’s OK not to vaccinate their children, if that’s how they feel, fine. But now that it’s in an article, I am disturbed. I didn’t know the dentist was charging people for these services.”

The post wasn’t the first or the only time I’ve seen such a sentiment in recent weeks. My Facebook feed has been cluttered with posts explaining that driving to the GPSTF, or GPSTF (going to the GPSTF, as so many anti-vaxxers say) is a bad idea, that people who have vaccine doubts should stay home and do their homework, or, even worse, if they can’t get around or locate the GPSTF, make sure they’re the ones to go to.

Your instincts tell you something’s off. Many people are quick to tell you about doctors’ offices or health care institutions that will charge you to get your kid inoculated, right off the bat. As I’ve written before, while it’s true that few doctors offer vaccine-related services, some facilities do offer something they call “food access” vouchers (an acceptable alternative to “food stamps” or something similar). But as the clinic’s homepage says, “But not all food access programs offer shots or vaccines as part of their services. In addition, many facilities and clinics carry services that are not medically necessary. You do not have to eat these food access programs’ items.”

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